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Internship Program


If you are interested in an internship position at Clark-Lindsey, please submit your resume and cover letter to Laura Edwards, Community Relations Coordinator, at LEdwards@clark-Lindsey.com


(Above: Spring 2018 interns travel together on a field trip to Chicago)


Please join us in WELCOMING Spring 2018 interns. On average, these students will each devote over 300 hours at Clark-Lindsey during the semester.  Students come to Clark-Lindsey to gain experience and perhaps provide direction for their future. They leave with an irreplaceable experience in our award winning culture, deep meaningful relationships, as well as invaluable skills, knowledge and understanding in a variety of environments.

Abby Lee, Amecia Daniels, Carmen Gobble-Barger, Charli Wike, Cory Calvert, Francesca Sanderson, Jill Whitman, Maureen Cooney, Saroja Annamalai, Steve Koziel, Wendy Wainscott


Best wishes to all our Alums!


Fall 2017 - Sarah Cook, Amelia Mandik, Caroline Murphy, Casey Petroschuk and Jessica Tung

Spring 2017 - Katie Novak, Ally Gore, Juan Garcia, Marissa Foster, Madeline Purdy, Jaclyn Barrett, Courtney Williams and Rachel Dress

Fall 2016 - Joe Kenny, Olivia Buechner, Kelly Randall, Dhara Patel, Cait Mrumlinski, Cassidy Rodecker and Rey De Leon

Summer 2016 - Roger Craddock, Katherine Johnson, Arriann Ippenson, Connie Lay-Ngo, and Ramona Montez

Spring 2016 - Aaron Barberis, Emily Camper, Lynette Correa-Velez, Brandon Durkin, Cara Hickey, Valerie Koress, Zach Lawrence, Amber McGehee, Kate O’Neil, Ami Patel, Stephanie Patrick, Taylore Peterson, Cailin Rubenstein and Iulianna Taritsa

Fall 2015 - Amanda Rispoli, Emina Djelovic, Sarah Klimchuk, Chris Prelletz,  and Jessica Hosch

Summer 2015 - Lauren Beyer, Laura Beyer, Alex Hallerberg, and Anna Kanfer

Spring 2015 - Brian Pastor, Kristann Stenson, Azmina Panjwani, Carla Chaves, Jenny Kraak, Britney Burkart, and Tanya Pacheco

Fall 2014 - Melanie Wang, Henry Lopez, Maggie Palermini, David Khalameyzer, Savannah Hicks, and Andrew Davis.

Spring 2014 - Grace Akinrotimi, Regan O’Brien, Brian Perez, Ashley Zelek, Vicky Rhines, and Ilana Dress.

Fall 2013 - Yaveeshay Chambers, Sofia Guerria, Gina Mulanthara, Danielle Cruise, Samantha Smith, and Wing Zhao

Spring 2013 - Linnea Detrick, Pepper Gay, Caitlin Landry, Becca Naatz, Allison Neubauer, and Felissa-Amanda Tugade