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Clark-Lindsey's CEO Wins Prestigious Athena Award

The Champaign County Chamber of Commerce has named Deb Reardanz, president & CEO of Clark-Lindsey Village, the internationally celebrated 2017 ATHENA Award® recipient. Reardanz is the 29th local recipient of the award, which honors individuals who assist women in reaching their full leadership potential; demonstrate excellence, creativity and initiative in their businesses or professions; and provide valuable service by devoting time and energy to improving the quality of life for others in the community.

Deb was first hired at Clark-Lindsey in 1997 as the director of business services. She then went on to serve as the vice president and chief financial officer before being selected as the president and CEO in 2009. Deb has been a licensed certified public accountant and a licensed nursing home administrator for nearly 20 years in which time she has made a tremendous impact at Clark-Lindsey, as well as the Champaign-Urbana community.

In her current role as president and CEO, Deb oversees a nonprofit life plan community that has revenues of over $15 million and serves 275 residents. She acts as an advocate for older adults throughout the community and continues to find innovative ways to make improvements. In both professional and personal settings, Deb is known to be an incredible listener and advocate. She regularly utilizes resident feedback and suggestions when making decisions. Her passion for creating an environment that celebrates personal growth extends to all she comes into contact.

Deb has an intense passion for lifting up and developing future leaders which led her to establish the Clark-Lindsey student internship program in 2012. Since it’s creation, the program has helped over 40 individuals gain experience and knowledge in the senior care industry.

Outside of Clark-Lindsey, Deb also uses her skills to enhance the lives of others around her by volunteering and serving. Since 2005, Deb has been actively involved in LeadingAge Illinois, an organization that represents over 500 providers of services for older adults throughout the state. She was instrumental in developing the LeadingAge Illinois Leadership Academy in 2012. Her passion for leadership and development has led her to directly impact a total of 75 fellows who have graduated from the program.

Deb is also actively involved and has held leadership positions in numerous other organizations within the community. Within her church congregation at University Place Christian Church, Deb continually gives back. Serving in roles such as treasurer, moderator and chair of the trustees. She used her professional skills to become an important leader in the congregtion. She also is an active youth program leader at her church and has been an effective role model for many in that capacity.

She has served as both president and treasurer for Executive Club of Champaign County, which aims to promote the progress of women in professional and management careers. Deb volunteers with an education, mentoring and networking organization called Leadership Illinois and at the Champaign County YMCA.

“Deb is approachable and always encourages me to share my thoughts. She has such a broad base of knowledge that she openly shares with others. She pursues innovation herself and also encourages it in others. She has a commitment to excellence that is unwavering which fosters an environment of growth. She is empowering and inspiring to be around,” explains Kristy Stoker, Guide at Clark-Lindsey Village.

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