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Kristy Stoker

Guide, Director of Clark-Lindsey’s Green House Homes

Kristy started working at Clark-Lindsey in 1992 in the Activity Department as an Activity Therapist. The department later became known as the Life Enrichment Department and her title was changed to Life Enrichment Coordinator. She worked primarily in the Special Care Unit (memory care) and helped start the Dementia Care Support Group, which continues today. Later, she worked as Life Enrichment Director. Interested in Social Services, she served as a Social Service Designee in addition to her role in Life Enrichment. Eventually, she transitioned to the Social Services department as a full time Designee. In 2014, Kristy accepted the position of Guide as we began the process to bring THE GREEN HOUSE® Model to our campus.

Kristy graduated from Illinois State University with a bachelor of science in music, with courses concentrated in music therapy. Kristy hosts a weekly music program in Meadowbrook Health Center, where she continues to connect with elders through music.